Warning Regarding the Buying of a French Bulldog
Fellow French Bulldog Lovers:
Beware of unregistered and/or bargain priced pups.  Breed popularity and expense has unfortunately led to offers of pups for sale that may have been obtained through  purchase or importation of litters and/or by the breeding of dogs in violation of non breeding contracts.  Parentage on these pups may be misrepresented and inaccurate excuses offered for the absence of certification.  Anyone purchasing a French Bulldog Puppy is legally entitled to receive a Registration Certificate without additional cost.  
It is also a violation of the Animal Pedigree Act to represent unregistered pups/dogs as purebred, and they may in fact be of mixed heritage.  Always ask for registration  information on the  sire and dam of  puppies and  if possible contact their breeders to ensure that existing contractual obligations are not being violated.  Please be careful. We do not want to encourage unethical breeding practices.
Health Issues in French Bulldogs
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